Sunday, June 12, 2011

Everyday Mediterranean Standard by Nathan Conway

My good friend and a musical hero of mine Nathan Conway of Thomastown and the band The T Town Bottlestoppers has done up a lovely sandwich for the blog, their new album "Run On Diesel" is out now and I can't recommend it highly enough, one of my favourite albums of this or any other year. I can't wait to make this for myself, it looks delicious... Over to you Nathan...
This sandwich marries all that is good about the Mediterranean diet. It contains no
overbearing tastes or heavy foods so today's man on the go, me, can eat it everyday
without getting sick of it. You will finish this sandwich feeling refreshed and ready
for action.
Little French stick, Mozzarella, Tomatoes, Parma ham, Rocket, Pepper, Mayonnaise.

The ingredients are very reasonably priced and all available from Lidl.

Cook the bread as directed and leave to stand for two minutes after cooking. Slice it
open and pull out the doughy middle. This stuff is no good for you.

Slice up half a ball of mozzarella and lay it on. For those of you unfamiliar with this
lovely cheese, submerge the other half in a cup of water in your fridge to keep it fresh
for next time.

Don't be stingy with the pepper.

Now lay on the Parma Ham. Do not use old school ham as a substitute. You may
notice from the picture that I have removed some fat from the ham. Apply your own
judgement here.

Lay on the tomatoes, sliced. No need for salt here, the Parma ham is salty enough.
You may also notice here that I have cut the little green bit from the tomato. The wife
would never serve up a sandwich with these in it, that's why I married her.

Rocket. Not lettuce. Throw on a healthy amount.

So as not to disturb the layout, spread the mayonnaise on the inside of the other half
of the bread.

N.B. If this were a packed lunch be sure to arrange the ingredients so as to isolate
tomato, mayonnaise and possibly, mozzarella from the bread. To avoid sogginess the
best solution would be ham and rocket towards the outsides.

Cut it diagonally for classiness. Serve with a cup of tea or some crisps (King) on the
side if you have any. You may see here that I'm giving myself an expensive Lindt
chocolate for desert.

Nathan Conway

Here's a song by the man himself...

"Run On Diesel" by The T Town Bottle Stoppers is available now from Top Twenty Newbridge, Rollercoaster Kilkenny and the pubs of Thomastown, also available for download on iTunes.

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