Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Brinner Bap

I've already hit on the fact on this blog that I really don't like the time of day that breakfast is served (Breakfast time. Anytime.) but now I'm gonna "sandwich up" a more traditional Irish breakfast.

But before I do I would like to take a moment to salute just about the only thing I do have for breakfast.
The 380ml bottle of Lucozade Original, and yes I can taste the difference between the 380ml and the larger bottle or the standard can. I don't know what flavour "Original" is supposed to be but it's a tasty pick me for those early mornings after a night on the pints. If anyone knows a similar product in the U.S let me know, it's about the only thing I miss when I'm over there and I'm Jonesing for a cure.

Anyway, less advertising for a huge company that'll never give me anything for it (prove me wrong Luco ya bastard) and on to the bap. The Brinner Bap to be exact, "Brinner" being a cross between breakfast and dinner, obviously, and although it is a word I would never use out loud, it serves its purpose for the sake of this post.
I must say my friends Co Brady and Sean Corcoran deserve a lot of credit for this post happening when it did, I've been messing around with these kinda breakfast sambos for a while and especially how best to construct them but lately they had gone to the back of my mind, that was until last week when Co sent me a delicious looking picture of a fry up in between some toast, something he better do up for the blog and last weekend when Sean and I had a great drunken chat about the wonderous ability waffles have of securing beans within a sandwich.

Here are tonights ingredients:

A bap, a nice white floury one is my favourite, black and white pudding, rashers and sausages,an egg, beans and a potato waffle. (Pepper optional, ignore the bananas)... Oh and some grated cheddar cheese, because why the fuck not?!

I'm gonna spare the photos of the actual cooking because using 4 different appliances at once was enough hassle without throwing a camera into the mix... I toasted the bap very lightly, microwaved the beans, grilled the rashers and fried the pudding, sausages, egg and waffle. Now I made a point of frying the waffle solely for the reason that on the box the cooking instructions mentioned grilling and oven cooking only, so in solidarity with the famous song (grill 'em, bake 'em, FRY 'em, eat 'em...) I 'm bringing back the frying option. I'd usually just give them 5 minutes in the toaster but this frying craic was far far superior.

On to the construction phase...

Butter the bap, (notice it is very very lightly toasted  so as to keep the bread really soft), build from the bottom up; waffle first, then plenty of beans...

Top the beans off with the grated cheese, place 2 sausages on top of that.

I've broken up the rasher cos I find a rasher in a sandwich like this could pull out all the other ingredients when you take a bite out of it, I sprinkled this and the pudding over everything..

Top off with the fried egg...

add a little pepper if you like, close it up, slice it in half and...

Aw sheeeit, this thing was just delicious, now I wouldn't recommend it to anyone with any kind of heart condition, this thing is not healthy eating but it is unbelievably tasty, there's something amazing about a runny egg in a sandwich... that said there's something amazing about rashers, sausages, black and white pudding, beans, a waffle and cheese in that same sandwich too...

Until next time when I make a smoothie out of fruit, vegetables and cholesterol lowering tablets.


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Thursday, July 7, 2011

A "Luxury" Salami, Mozzarella and Shallot Bagel!! by Shauna O'Reilly

My friend Shauna sent me a picture of this bagel a year or so ago when she was in New Zealand, true to her word she's done a post on it. Tasty stuff...

Sesame seed bagels with salami, mozzarella, shallots, garlic mayo and a few toasted sesame seeds for taste.

I'm a big fan of the sesame seed. Big fan. I'll have it with anything I can.
So whilst wandering hungrily around Tesco this evening, I spied my old face sesame sprinkled bagels and decided to make the long promised sambo of luxury for food guru Boozey.
It's simple. Toast the bagel lightly first.
Layer thick slabs of fresh mozzarella and fine Italian or "eye-talian" as they call it in Kildare salami onto the warm bagel.

Sprinkle finely chopped shallots, toasted sesame seeds and some ground peppercorns.

Shtick a bit of oul garlic mayo on to moisten the whole affair up and bang it under the grill.

Serve with green leaf salad, a drizzle of balsamic, an ice cold can of diet coke and Bob's your uncle...
Well actually, he's my Dad.

Shauna O'Reilly

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