Sunday, June 26, 2011

Unreal Banana Bread/Cake Thing by Rionnagh Condon

On a night out down the park with a few cans and about 50 like minded souls after Stevie C's 21st party my friend Rionnagh asked me if she could do a post for the blog... I get a fair amount of people asking me if they can do this while under the influence of the demon drink and needless to say the vast majority have forgotten about it by the time the daylight and regrets have arrived... I was surprised and very glad that the very next day this arrived in my inbox! When I give this a go during the week it'll be my first attempt at baking, I seriously doubt it'll turn out anyway as good as this!

Here's the Dwight Schrute loving Rionnagh Condon...

Because promises made knacker drinking down the park should always be upheld...and all I’ve done so far today is watch far too much of The Office and consume everything in the fridge...

I discovered the amazingness of banana bread in Sydney last year.  It’s real easy to make- I never had a weighing scales when I lived in Limerick and I’m a math-tard and still it always turned out edible.
The recipe I use is kinda my own version of one from this Avoca cookbook

-80Z PLAIN FLOUR (I don’t think it matters if it’s plain or self raising. I usually use whatever’s in the house. I used wholemeal flour once  which was really lovely)
-1 T. SALT
- 1. CINNAMON (I put loads in)
-1 EGG
-4 BANANAS (I’m not sure if 4 is enough. I just keep adding it till the mixture is runny)
-HAZEL NUTS TO SPRINKLE ON TOP (Almonds or whatever is in the press works well too)

1/ Put the oven on.
2/ Put the flour, salt, baking powder, sugar and cinnamon into a big bowl and stir.
It should look like this:

3/  Mix in the egg and melted butter.

It should turn into something like this:

4/ Add the bananas. I find it best to cut them up into smallish pieces and mash them in with a fork.

 Not too much though because you want it sort of lumpy.

Keep adding banana till the mixture turns into a brown lumpy goo. YUM.

5/ Pour it all onto a greased baking tin.

Sprinkle the nuts on top

6/ Put it into the oven. It normally takes about 50 minutes. You’ll know it’s done when you can stick a knife through the middle and it doesn’t come out covered in goo....


So mine burnt because I’d to go collect my dad from the train station. Easily fixed though by cutting off the top!

8/ ENJOY.  Preferably watching more of The Office.

Rionnagh Condon

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