Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cheese on Crackers? Yep that's all...

"Well this is just plain lazy!"... Things aren't always gonna be elaborate and fancy round here ("When were they ever" says you)...

One of the main reasons I started this blog was to try to force myself to be a little bit more adventurous in the shite that I eat, now cheese on crackers might not seem adventurous to you but for me anything outside of standard red cheddar on cream crackers (and microwaved for 15 seconds) was none of my business up to recently.

The Dempsey family, who have "tolerated with great patience" (being the most appropriate term) myself and the rest of my band for about 8 years now, are never ones to shy away from trying different types of cheeses and are constantly in their infinite generosity, or maybe pity, trying to get me to taste them.
In fairness it's very rare that they have gotten me to taste something I haven't liked and I've decided to start seeking out these nice things for myself for my own home.
Now I didn't have any red wine to properly acompany this posh snack but I did have some red lemonade.

The crackers are Jacob's Mediterraneo Olive Oil and Oregano and the cheese is Marks and Spencers Cornish Cruncher, Extra Strengh Cheddar with a Strengh of 7 and it won a gold award in 2009 if you wouldn't mind!

Now this is grand stuff altogether, tasty aul crackers and the cheese is the kind of cheese that that girl off the Calvita packets, after presumably growing up and getting a degree in something pointless in Trinity, should now be putting her face to. Try this stuff, it's grand.

Now if I could only figure out how to deep fry 'em!

Boozey x

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The BLT Hot Dog

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions... To have a hot dog or a BLT sandwich?... A question surely posed somewhere at sometime... I present the solution to the problem you didn't know existed:
The BLT Hotdog.
I won't for a second claim that I came up with the idea, all kinds of weird and wonderful hot dogs exist in the U.S.A if you're willing to seek them out; I came across this in New York earlier in the year, I just want to show that you don't have to be restricted to the standard hot dog toppings.

What you'll need:
Hot dog Rolls
Streaky Rashers
Hot dogs; I used jumbo size ones for this, regular are just as good

I haven't figured out a decent way of doing this better or easier other than using a George Foreman Grill, I wouldn't advise trying this without one or something similar. You're gonna need some of those wooden cocktail/tooth picks to hold the rashers onto the hot dog, I suppose you could staple the rashers on but I would seriously advise against that.

Break the sticks up, start at one end and roll the rasher around the hot dog using the sticks to hold that precious bacon in place, it takes about one and a half rashers for a jumbo hot dog, one will do for a regular size dog.

Now it's time to get it on the George Foreman, heat it up to the hottest temperature and fire the dog on.

Close the lid down so it applies pressure which will bond the 2 pig products together, about every 2 to 3 minutes rotate the dog a quarter, after 4 of these turns it should be ready. After this check that all parts of the rasher are well cooked and crispy, give it an extra few minutes if you're not sure, it's much better to overcook this than undercook it because the rasher should almost be brittle and break away easily with each bite, it should look something like this when done.

While this is cooking you'll wanna get the rest of the shite ready, lightly toast the bun or warm it in the oven, I threw it under the grill for a couple of minutes, and chop up the lettuce and tomato into small pieces.

Mayonnaise up your roll and add some of the lettuce and tomato.

Put on that double dose of meat and top off with more lettuce and tomato.

Enjoy... It's obviously delicious, the rasher and the hot dog are fused together into a kind of a super meat, the toppings are a cool and refreshing contrast to the dog. Mess around and add more ingredients to your taste if you like.

Boozey x

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Aoife's Cheesy BLT Bagel!

My good buddy Aoife Byrne finally tells all about her favourite bagel...

I've been meaning to share this little beauty for a long time now. Finally, I felt today was a good time to do it due to the hangover after a brilliant night of music with friends in Flanagan's. I knew as soon as I woke up that I wanted this in my belly asap.
So here it goes...

What you need:
Bagels (sesame or plain, just make sure they're fresh)
Rashers (I prefer the streaky ones, they work well in this bad boy)
Tomatoes (big juicy vine ones)
Lettuce (iceberg, it's gotta be iceberg)
Cheese (Charleville cheddar is my cheese of choice here)

The great thing about this baby is that you can get the ingredients in Centra without having to drag yourself into Tesco, which can be an awful experience when you're hungover.
So first off, grill the rashers. I like mine nice and crispy. While they're grilling, chop up the lettuce and slice the tomatoes.
When the rashers are done half the bagel and throw it under the grill on a low heat. The trick here is not to overdo the bagel. It's better when it's just warmed. If the bagels are nice and fresh they only need to be warmed.
Next, slap the crispy rashers onto one half of the bagel and grate some cheese over it. Stick it back under the grill until the cheese is melted (again, don't overdo it. Burnt cheese is manky).
I don't grill the tomatoes because I like when they're really juicy. It's a good combo with the crispy rashers (I really do like crispy rashers!)
Ok so after that it's just a matter of layering all the rest of it up. Whack a load of mayo on the other half of the bagel, followed by the lettuce, tomatoes and the other half of the bagel with the rashers and cheese. I really didn't need to tell any of you how to do that, just slap it all together. It's going to be amazing anyway.

So that's it. I love this bagel because it's so quick to put together  (it took me longer to write this yoke) and it's tasty as bejaysus.
This creation goes particularly well with a nice cuppa scald, chili heatwave doritos and an episode of Breaking Bad. (Although today I'm finishing it off with a choc chip cupcake that I made myself!)

Ps. Here's a pic of Sushi my dog enjoying some of the crispy rasher!!

 Aoife Byrne

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

J.J's Jambons

J.J Fleming...

He could ruin me and this blog if he wanted to; The food ideas that this gentleman that I'm lucky to call my friend has going around his head far exceed anything my pickled brain could ever come up with. But he's a nice guy and is gonna use his powers for good and contribute to this blog on a regular basis... Much to my relief!

Here's his first post:

"Patatas Bravas Mince Jambons"

Patatas Bravas paste
Shop bought puff pastry
200gms mince
Suitable melty cheese (I used Port Salut and Cheddar)


First fry up the mince until cooked.

Put the Patatas Bravas in a suace pan and simmer for 2 minutes, as per the instructions add the mince and 100mls of water and reduce the mixture down. Add cream to suit your taste.

Here's the mixture you're left with being left out to cool.

Next unroll your puff pastry and cut up to suit how many Jambons you'll require, I cut up 15 squares.

Spoon the mixture into the centre of the square.

Plonk your cheese on top...

And another dollop of mixture on top...

Brush the corners with milk or beaten egg and fold the corners to get something that looks like this.

Here's the 15 brushed with milk and ready to be boxed off into the oven.

Heat your oven to 200 degrees and put them in the bottom rack for 12 minutes and then move to the middle rack for another 6 minutes.
Here's the finished articles:

J.J Fleming

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