Thursday, May 5, 2011

Breakfast time. Anytime.

I'm a big fan of breakfast food, what I'm not a big fan of is eating that or any other shite first thing in the morning. Which is inconvenient. Beacuse that's about the only time you can get it. So one evening last week I got a craving for a breakfast muffin with some ham n cheese n egg and decided I was gonna make that bad lad happen.

Here's what you need:

A breakfast muffin, surprisingly hard to find in Ireland, Marks and Spencers were the only place I could find them (a few vouchers will be grand for that plug lads), a slice of light cheddar cheese, 3 slices of cooked honey roast ham and an egg. Toast the muffin, in a toaster ideally, poach the egg if you can, I generally make a mess of this 90% of the time so figure out how to poach an egg yourself, if not just fry the bastard. 

Now what you want to do is heat up the rest of the stuff, get a frying pan going and throw on the ham, let it heat up for minute then make a little ham and cheese sambo like above to the cheese melts just a little, keep a close eye on this or you'll make a burnt cheese mess. Butter the muffin, put on the single slice of ham, your hopefully not exploded in the microwave because you're too unskilled to poach  it properly egg and top with the cheese and ham sambo combo, the close the muffin.

Delicious, any time of the day, take the hint various international fastfood restaurants.

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  1. Phwoar! I love breakfast muffins. Welcome to the food blogosphere, Boozey! Good to have you.

  2. Thanks Steve, I only been on the lookout for them for a few weeks but the only ones I've seen in Dunnes are kinda sweeter ones, made by Irwins I think, delicious but not what I was after for this,never had your combo, must try it sometime!!

    Thanks for the welcome Aoife, it's a scary sphere to be in!!

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