Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cheese on Crackers? Yep that's all...

"Well this is just plain lazy!"... Things aren't always gonna be elaborate and fancy round here ("When were they ever" says you)...

One of the main reasons I started this blog was to try to force myself to be a little bit more adventurous in the shite that I eat, now cheese on crackers might not seem adventurous to you but for me anything outside of standard red cheddar on cream crackers (and microwaved for 15 seconds) was none of my business up to recently.

The Dempsey family, who have "tolerated with great patience" (being the most appropriate term) myself and the rest of my band for about 8 years now, are never ones to shy away from trying different types of cheeses and are constantly in their infinite generosity, or maybe pity, trying to get me to taste them.
In fairness it's very rare that they have gotten me to taste something I haven't liked and I've decided to start seeking out these nice things for myself for my own home.
Now I didn't have any red wine to properly acompany this posh snack but I did have some red lemonade.

The crackers are Jacob's Mediterraneo Olive Oil and Oregano and the cheese is Marks and Spencers Cornish Cruncher, Extra Strengh Cheddar with a Strengh of 7 and it won a gold award in 2009 if you wouldn't mind!

Now this is grand stuff altogether, tasty aul crackers and the cheese is the kind of cheese that that girl off the Calvita packets, after presumably growing up and getting a degree in something pointless in Trinity, should now be putting her face to. Try this stuff, it's grand.

Now if I could only figure out how to deep fry 'em!

Boozey x

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