Monday, December 19, 2011

My Favourite Rasher Sandwich...

Everybody's got their favourite Rasher Sandwich; this is mine. It's not up for discussion, my mind will not be changed, I do not need suggestions on how to make it bettter, it does not need ketchup, brown sauce, onions or tomatoes. It is what it is: Fucking Delicious.
Everything works together perfectly; all the individual parts compliment the shit out of each other. I've been eating these lads for years and have tried them with other bits and nothing tops this.
Ok? Wonderful. Let's go.

Only a few ingredients are needed, Rocket (Arugula to the Americans), White Cheddar Cheese, Rashers (Bacon, again for the Americans), Soft White Rolls (any shape or size) and mayo.

First off throw a few rashers under the grill, cooking them at a nice high temperature not only ensures that the fat gets really nice and crispy but also reassures you that your smoke detectors are functioning properly.
About 2 (big) or 3 (small) rashers per roll is plenty. While they're cooking get your other shit ready.

Put a little effort in; the way some people hack up a roll or a block of cheese is nothing short of criminal. A nice evenly cut roll and neat slices of cheese is not a lot to ask.
It'll taste nicer and you'll feel better about yourself.
The only negative about rashers is they tend to go cold very fast; following my steps will have you eating the sandwich within 30 seconds of the rashers safely exiting the grill.
Keep a close eye on the piggie strips, when you think they're done (they're not, they can handle another minute) pop the roll into the toaster for about 30 or 40 seconds; it's delicious when it's really really lightly toasted.

Like this.

Mayonnaise up both sides of the roll.

Take out the rashers.

When Bruce Springsteen cooks rashers they look like this.

Throw on a couple.

Then a nice layer of cheese.

Top with a decent handful of rocket.

Close it up and get it into you.

If you're like me and you never eat just one sandwich, don't assemble your subsequent sandwich at the same time as the first, turn off the grill and put the rashers you're gonna use for the next sandwich back in to keep them hot without burning them, you don't want a delicious first sandwich followed up with a slightly colder and thus inferior second one.


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