Thursday, June 28, 2012

Burger King's "Celebrating Summer"

As I was wandering towards the food court for lunch earlier today I spotted an advertisement, on the side of a bin would you believe, for the latest 'Flavour Of The Month' (as they're know in the business) from Burger King and immediately felt it had to be sampled.

Under the banner of "Celebrating Summer", alongside a very familiar looking Steakhouse Angus Burger, stood The Chicken Curry Royale. I'll chance that any day.

Apologies for the quality/staging of the photos; I was in a public place and didn't want to seem like some kind of a food pervert ("IT'S GRAND. I HAVE A BLOG.")

This is herself.

I'm not going to dwell on it too much, it was OK. I'm not going to say you shouldn't try it, just don't be expecting as much from "a chicken curry burger" as I was. I probably won't be eating another again unless I decide to do what Burger King should have done in the first place and throw a few slices of cheese on it...
I won't rest until the wonderfully alliterate combination of 'Curry Cheese' becomes mainstream.
Overall it's a little basic, Burger King's website (its called the 'Coronation Chicken Royale' in the UK) describes it as a Chicken Royale with "a curry-style sauce" and lettuce. It could have done with a little something more for lads like me whose taste buds are all but extinct, grilled peppers and the aforementioned  cheese maybe. Also the style of curry they refer to wouldn't be my preferred style. I'm more of a Chinese Take Away curry fella.

Next order of business is the side order: Cheddar Cheese Bites.

I am a huge fan of Burger King's 'Chilli Cheese Bites' so I was looking forward to and expecting a lot from these.

I was utterly let down. 

The cheese was the kind of chewy sickly consistency, temperature and smell that I'd imagine a cheese string would take on after being cooked for approximately 12-15 minutes under the left armpit of John McCririck. The less said about them the better.

All's not lost for the King this month; while I didn't have one today, for capacity reasons, the Steakhouse Angus Burger is, as is all they're Aberdeen Angus range, a top notch option if you're in the market for something a little, but not a lot, more sophisticated than a Whopper.


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