Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Homemade Taco Fries by Karen Reid

This is the second contribution (get a load of these maple syrup bacon pancakes) from my friend Karen who seems to be a bit of a culinary kindred spirit of mine.
Last week she recommended I try the 'Peri Peri Mayo' from Marks & Spencer, which I duly did and absolutely loved. Mega stuff. Proper spicy taco sauce style gear.

Then this morning a photo was posted to the Feeding time... Facebook page, the type of photo that would warm even the most miserable heart on a torrential Tuesday morning at the height of the Irish summer...

I'll let Karen tell you the rest:

"I did the impossible and recreated the taco fries!! All you need is mince, chips, cheese, some veg (to make you feel like you're not eating complete shite) some spices and the very special M&S Peri Peri mayo...."

"...Warning: This should only be eaten when drunk. It felt wrong and unnatural to be eating this of a Monday evening after work and the gym. But still fuckin delish all the same!"

I tip my cap to you Karen!

Here's the sauce in question:

I can't wait to make my own attempt at recreating this miracle of fast food science sometime in the near future, I can only hope it turns out half as good as this. 


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