Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Boozey Swine Signature Range: The Manhattan Melt

I'm delighted to be working with Judge Roy Beans to create "The Boozey Swine Signature Range". JRB's has long been a favourite establishment of mine for a bit of foundation before a night out as well as a delicious and comforting cure as the dust settles the next day and I'm very happy to align my, frankly terrible, name with a restaurant known for their consistent quality and high standards.
The first item (update 2017 - most likely last) we'll be bringing to you is 'The Manhattan Melt' (well done to Conal Dolan for winning the naming competition; I've melted many a time in Manhattan, both literally and figuratively), a ciabatta roll stuffed with mince infused with peppers, onions and jalapeƱos topped with melted cheese, cool guacamole and tomato along with a few other secret ingredients.

I've taken inspiration from a number of different sandwiches I've had in America over the years for this one and I've added a couple of twists of my own, hopefully bringing something that is out of the ordinary to what you'd usually find in Ireland. The guacamole and mince add a bit of a different (and scrumptious) dimension  to what you'd usually find inside a ciabatta... Make full and considered use of your napkin on this fella as he's a messy one.

By the way I'd also like to draw attention to the side of coleslaw and onion straws. These two items eaten together in the same mouthful. Best thing ever. Simple as that.

Order it up with a nice beer or if you're feeling fancy, a cocktail. I was always a man who was terrible fond of the Strawberry Daiquiri's but since I've tasted the Solero cocktail the daiquiri has fallen into the silver medal position if I'm to be honest.

Oh and to accommodate the typical Irish fashion of ordering items by anything other than what they are actually called, if you order a "Boozey sandwich", "a Boozey meltdown", "One of them Boozey yokes" or something even remotely similar like I've already heard numerous reports of, the staff will be kind enough to oblige you and be most polite in correcting your grevious error.

Many Thanks
The Booze

All photos by Stephen Connelly. 'The Boozey Swine Signature Range' and 'The Manhattan Melt' graphic by Joe Butler @ Film 13 Ltd

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