Friday, May 13, 2011

Curry Cheese Chips... as they should be.

The latest phenomenon in the Irish take away arsenal are "Curry Cheese Chips". Where exactly they came from and who invented them is a mystery. They were just kinda there one day. What I do know is that only in Ireland could this combination come into existence and that they are indeed a very good thing.


You see the problem is how they are served, generally speaking chippers in this country put a lot of effort into and are very proud of their chips, which is fine when they're being served in a brown paper bag, but put them into a polystyrene burger box or even worse one of those Chinese take away style metal trays and the chips very quickly turn to shite. Steam from the chips has nowhere to go in these sealed containers except back into the chips making them soggy and downright poxy and without fail this is how they are going to be served when you order them with a topping or sauce.
All of this is immaterial if you are consuming this delicacy there and then on the chipper windosill at 3am but if these containers remain sealed for any length of time the cheese will melt and combine with the grease, steam and curry sauce and turn into a gloopy pile of muck on top of a block of soggy potato.

The Solution is to combine the core ingredients at home yourself.

Get yourself a bag of chips and a tub of curry sauce, I got mine from the good people at Cooks Cabin, and grate up some cheese, I find white mature cheddar works best.

One of these plate/bowl yokes works best for containing the masterpiece, throw your chips in, pour over the curry sauce, and top off with plenty of the grated cheese. Simple and Gorgeous.

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