Thursday, May 5, 2011

a tasty little bagel to get this ball rolling...

So one night last year I got bored and decided to take a few pictures of a sandwich I enjoy making and eating and stick it up on Facebook, this is that sandwich. Try it. You'll love it. Any ideas, suggestions, tips or constructive criticism can be left in a comment and I promise to either reply to or ignore all of these.

     The shit that you'll require is:
   Bagels (Sesame seed if you've any cop on), chicken, cheddar cheese, rocket leaves, mayo and pepper. Oh and you'll need a panini press thing like a George Foreman grill
 (don't be afraid to send me a few bob for that Georgie).
Heat up aul Georgie good and hot, cut the bagel in half and mayonnaise the shit out of both sides.
 Put a rough cirlce of cheese around the bagel, avoiding the middle.

Throw on a slice of chicken, I've cut it down to size a little, then I like to put a little super extra bonus cheese over the top of the chicken like shown in the beautifully presented photo above. Now put the bagel lid back on and throw the whole lot into your grill thingy. After about 5 minutes the bagel will be golden brown and crispy on the outside and the cheese slighty melted on this inside.

The final step!:

Take out the bagel, open it, spread some more mayo on the chicken, pepper the jaysus out of it and add your rocket leaves.

Close and slice, Done!
I've served it up with a iced up glass of Ginger Ale, a drink which since the date of making I've taken to, on the odd weekend, mixing with whiskey and can no longer consume midweek with a nice sandwich.


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  1. I like the way you sliced up the cheese, very precise. Uneven distribution of ingredients can really ruin a saddwich, especislly if you're toasting it. Good work man.