Friday, May 20, 2011

Eating Out in New York City... at a place that has surprisingly little to do with owls

This is my first post about eating out, may as well dive in at the deep end so....

I was in New York recently, a trip I make with my friends a little too often for the state of my credit card bill, and as part of the "Let's be slightly more sensible about how we spend the day parts of our holidays" ethos that we've adopted we decided to have a late lunch/early dinner in somewhere that doesn't serve Bigmacs.

So on sensing a little dissent after a few shouts of "well I'm not spending a fucking fortune on food" and "it better be somewhere that serves pints" a member of our group suggested, purely on grounds of the quality of food they serve, that we go a place none of the rest of us had ever heard of before called "Hooters", at least that's what I think it was called.

The only problem was none of us had ever seen one of these places in NYC, so we did the sensible thing and asked a cop. Here's what the good officer of the law had to say to us:

"Hey! You fucking guys Irish?! I fucking love the Irish!!
Hooters?!?!... I fucking love Hooters!!!
Oh I'll get you guys to a Hooters alright!!
Hang on I'll get directions on my phone...
you gotta get to 56th street between 7th and 8th Avenues..
Enjoy your day guys, drink some beers and tip them ladies!!"

Just one more reason for us to love this town.

So we made our way down to this establishment, were greeted by a young lady at the door and shown to our table. Now immediately I noticed two differences between this and other sports bars I've been to in the States. Free refills AND free Wifi... What did you think I was going to say?

Moving swiftly onwards.. menu looked at and important decisions made I went with the "Lotsa Tots" as I think they were called and some Chicken Wings.

First off... The Lotsa Tots:

Based around  "The Tater Tot", a kind of little hash brown/chip nugget thingy, you would have seen them in that Napoleon Dynamite flick, please tell me I'm wrong but I don't think they're available in Ireland.
The were topped off with the amazing combination of cream cheese, cheese whizz (shit but delicious hot cheese sauce), bacon bits and scallions. They were deadly in every sense of the word.

Here's a picture of my dinner:

Want to know what the chicken wings tasted like? They tasted like every chicken wing I've ever had. That's as good as you'll get from me on the subject of chicken wings, they're all the same to me so I'll hand you over momentarily to an expert; Drummer in Band on an island, sufferer of severe hangovers, eater of about 50,000 chicken wings and all around nice guy...

Gary "Whiskey" Wickham.

"After an experience in Hooters most lads leave talking about the woman, well the only thing I cared about was the boneless buffalo wings!! As a man who eats a lot of wings(and looks at a lot of woman) I can say these are definitely the best I've ever had! The buffalo sauce was amazing, spicy enough to give your mouth a good kick, but not too spicy to make it uncomfortable!! The perfect balance that most places miss!!  The chicken is great, very tender and not the fatty chicken that's usually slopped up. If your in America, make sure you get a plate of wings!"

Thanks Gary, so to sum up, Hooters; great food, standard American beer, mots and free Wifi.
And NO. I do not have any other photos from our visit here.


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  1. You can get tater tots in Ireland! They are called potato croquettes.

  2. Glad to hear you're not forgetting the teachings of bosco and you remembered to ask a friendly garda when ye were lost!

  3. Bosco taught me all I know about surviving on the mean streets of New York City!!

    Potato croquettes... I love them and will be doing something on here about them, very different from the tater tot though!

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