Saturday, May 7, 2011

My first attempt at a "Philly Cheese Steak" Sandwich

I've had a few mixed experiences with the famous Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich, my first being about 3 years ago in a restaurant in Pennsylvania.. A bland combination of cheap cheese (which I usually have nothing but love for) mixed with minced beef left me disappointed and the Cheese Steak was put to the back of my mind for over 2 years. I say the back of my mind and not 'out' of my mind because I always felt that there was more to this sandwich... But it only got worse, I'm not in the business of naming and shaming but my next experience was in an Irish sandwich bar who under the guidance of a celebrity chef who I pressume never got within 10 miles of a genuine cheese steak were advertising a "Gourmet"(the French for "poxy" I think) Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich as their sandwich of the week. Lets just say it was atrocious and inedible and leave it at that. But for some reason this bad buzz of a sambo reignited my desire(Desire, really Booze?) to find out what they should really taste like...
To make a long story slightly shorter, on a recent trip to the U.S I sampled 2 of the nicest meat and cheese filled rolls I've ever had, the love affair was on, and I set about recreating it at home in my kitchen...

So one Sunday evening I went to the local supermarket, picked up some maize sub rolls, 2 types of cheddar cheese; white and orange(I refuse to call it red), a small onion and some cooked and sliced deli roast beef. I fried up half the onion, cut the beef into thin strips, very lightly toasted the sub roll, spread some mayo on it and grated and mixed together the 2 cheeses.

Assembly of the sandwich was as follows: Cheese(plenty of), the beef, the onion and then topped off with a little more cheese, I put the sambo onto a tray and put it into the oven for about 5 minutes.  (I had a photo of it in the oven but it didn't turn out well so you'll just have to use your imagination)

 after I took it out of the oven the cheese was melted and the beef and roll were nice n hot, I closed the sandwich over, cut it in half and...

Proceded to demolish every last crumb. An absolute complete success. Hole in one. One Hundred and Eighty!!!
The taste of just 3 very simple ingredients... the melted cheese, the beef and the fried onions somehow did a Captain Planet and combined into one of the nicest tastes I've ever put together.

Try this.. It's quick, simple and perfect eating for the evening after a few Shandy's
Until the next sandwich... B.S x

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